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We are an internet company. We make our own internet products and we provide internet services.

Blighty (नुक़सान से से pronounced Bi li ti) ) is a Hindi word meaning 'far off country' or 'foreigner'. It was the term directed towards the British soldiers by the locals in India during the time of the British Empire. The term soon came to be used affectionately by those same British soldiers as a name for 'Britain' or home i.e 'I'm going back to Blighty'.

This name reflects our founding heritage with offices in the 2 great countries of Britain and India. We operate in 3 areas:

  • Internet Products - Gaming
  • Internet services - SEO/marketing, link building
  • Micro finance - Our non for profit social programme

Our Principles:

  • To combine social/economic development with a profitable internet company
  • To make the world a better place as a result of our existence. To give our time, effort and money for the good of society at large.
  • To respect our employees, resources, products and clients ensuring they are paid on time and encouraged to live healthy happy balanced lifestyles.

Blighty Ltd

Studio 4.5
The Chocolate Factory 2
4 Coburg road
N4 3FD
Telephone = 020 7502 7759

Blightygroup is a trading name and registered trademark of Blighty ltd. Registered in England and Wales company no 05523313